Friday, July 8, 2016

Review: DESTINED FOR DOON by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

The second book in the popular new Doon YA series that takes on a classic story, Brigadoon, and spins it in a new way to give readers a fresh, modern experience.

In this sequel to Doon, Kenna Reid realizes she made a horrible mistake-choosing to follow her dreams of Broadway instead of staying in the enchanted land of Doon. Worse, she's received proof she and Duncan are meant to be, along with torturous visions of the prince she left behind. So when Duncan shows up and informs Kenna that Doon needs her, she doesn't need to think twice. But even if Kenna can save the enchanted kingdom, her happily ever after may still be in peril.

The Doon novels are a part of Blink, HarperCollins Christian Publishing's new YA imprint that delivers empowering and heartening literature while maintaining a tradition of imaginative and impactful storytelling.

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OMGGGGG! Back in Doon with  Veronica and Mackenna and I LOVEEEE IT! After the way book one ended i was so excited to get back to Kenna and see how their story unfolds…’s a lot of waiting I’ll tell ya!! Kenna is STUBBORN omg!

Okay so we pick up almost a year after the ending of Doon, with Kenna back in the “real world” and Duncan coming to get her and bring her BACK to Doon because of black petunias and witch zombie moss stuff that's real real bad and obviously linked to the bad witch we THOUGHT was gone...kind of. (I’m awesome at summarizing right?)

Veronica is struggling to find her solid footing as the new queen of Doon, while finding that balance with Jamie as well. Learning to trust in one another and hold each other as equals who are both capable of great things was fun to watch. The little back and forth between being angry and all lusty HA! LOOOVVVEEEE IT!

Mackenna is back to help her best friend defeat this with business but she’s also struggling with matters of the heart. She knows she hurt Duncan. Rather than diving in head first for forgiveness, she thinks it’s best to just dance around the edges, because obviously too much damage is done and he will never forgive her. Ooohhhhh Kenna you wee little booger!!
This series has been amazing so far! I LOVE having a dual point of view between two very different but very headstrong ladies. I LOVE that there is sooooo much pop culture references. (I mean. They talk about Pushing for the best and most unknown shows EVER!!!) I love that each girl has this epic love story because...I AM A SUCKER FOR ROMANCE!!! And I LOVE the Scotland aspect obviously. I mean this really is an Outlander for kids. It’s magical and fun and doesn’t lag...I so HIGHLY recommend this series to everyone who enjoys fantasy reads and loveliness!

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  1. Oh what a great review! I just finished reading this earlier this afternoon & just published my review! I'm glad to have found another Doon fan! :)
    Miranda @Miranda's Book Blog

    1. YASSSS! I LOVE the Doon series! It's wonderful!! Checked out your review, and it's fantastic!!

  2. I haven't read the first book (eep, but I couldn't help reading your review😂) but omg THIS IS SUCH A COOL IDEA!! Retelling Brigadoon!! I did watch that ago. Ahem. But I remember loving the scenery. :') SCOTLAND FTW. I'm so glad you enjoyed this sequel!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!