Thursday, July 7, 2016

Review: Zentih by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Most know her as the Bloody Baroness, the captain of a fearsome glass starship called The Marauder. Androma and her crew strike terror in the hearts of those who cross them amongst the many corners of the Mirabel Galaxy.

When a routine mission goes rogue, the all-female crew is captured by a bounty hunter from Andi’s past and forced into a job that could, quite literally, start a war that will devour worlds.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the galaxy, the ruthless ruler Nor waits in the shadows of the planet Xen Ptera, biding her time. The final pieces are about to fall into place, liberating a plan that will tear Mirabel in two.

As the Marauder hurtles toward the unknown, there is one lesson that proves to be true: No one can be trusted in a galaxy that runs on lies and illusion.

From internet sensation Sasha Alsberg and multi-genre author Lindsay Cummings comes a new serialized space opera, full of action, intrigue, and steamy star-crossed romance.

ZENITH: THE ANDROMA SAGA will be released in small sections at a time.
The adventure begins June 21st, 2016, wherever ebooks are sold

For more information check out the Androma Saga website!

So Zenith is book one in a new eBook serial The Androma Saga. It reminded me a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy. Space outlaws and power plays between planetary government/leaders.

I like how the book starts out. Strong opener with the prisoner in cell 377. Adds a little mystery to the story and a little darkness. AND I LOVE DARK.

It's a group of rebel ass kicking girls on a spaceship who get busted by a bounty hunter and the whole game is changed. Now the crew is faced with a new job for someone who can’t fully be trusted and the supervision of someone that seems to have riled up And, our Bloody Baroness.

This opening to what I assume is going to be a pretty fantastical series was pretty great. It's fast paced and exciting. I like the characters so far and the story that has started to unfold. It seems like a strong starting point for a really good story.

I like Andi. I like that she is strong and ass kicking, but also seems to carry guilt. I like that we already know she's made some less than savory decisions in her past which have led her to where she is. I have no doubt she will be an epic here...and not all heroes have a clean past ya know? SOmetimes it’s the ugliness that makes them EPIC. I’m also pretty excited to see how this lover's spat plays out between Her and Dex...Will they rekindle or will it end in betrayal and blood. I VOTE BLOOD!!!! With a happy ending after that of course.

My only mark here was that MAN it was a lot of information. I can appreciate that it was kind of spread out, and it’s to be expected when reading a Sci-Fi like this. I mean it's a whole new obviously there is a lot to cover, but I have a feeling as the story progresses it will all start to click a little more for me. There was just a lot to take in and try to remember. A lot of names and characters in a short amount of time had me going “wait which one was she?” and “who's this? Have we met them yet? I can’t remember?” Again not bad just a lot, and remembering for when part 2 comes out will be challenging.

Overall this was a a really great fast-paced start to a series I think is going to be pretty EPIC. So if you're into sci-fi space and stuff i would definitely recommend it. I haven’t read many “space” series, which is surprising because it seems up my alley and after this I definitely think it is. I WANT MORE!!!!!!

Also total CONGRATS to Shasha and Lindsey on becoming #1 NYT BEST SELLING AUTHORS!! It’s sooooo flippin amazing! For more info about the authors I've listed some links to their Goodreads/Sites and Youtube channels, which are SO WORTH checking out by the way!

Here is Sasha's Goodreads! and Youtube! Here is Lindsay's Goodreads! Her Webpage! and Youtube!

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