Hey guys! I'm Amber... uhhh, I'm 28, and I'm kinda weird (but we'll go with funny). I went to school for mass communication and marketing at The University of Southern Mississippi (SMTT) and put this little blog together when I was pregnant and stuck on bedrest with my daughter, Lola! I really didn't read a lot in high school, or college for that matter. I was too busy getting into trouble, (of the totally good variety) but picked up books shortly after "growing up" (I'm just kidding. I never grew up.) Twilight sparked my interest again and I've kinda been non stop since then. 

My fave books? Since this list is ever changing, you can check out my current top ten on goodreads
I'm the Social Media Manager for InkSlinger PR, (it's my "grownup job" and also pretty much my dream job. Literally, I get paid to fangirl) and a pretty proud member of the Cora Carmack Rusk University Series Street Team, and more recently, the DOON series street team. My favorite part of this site is getting out to events to meet everyone. Seriously, you guys are amazing. (The Authors are pretty cool too.) Sometimes I don't shower in lieu of reading. (ewwwww, Don’t worry, they make me shower before events). I talk a lot, think even more, and I think I'm pretty freaking funny – even when I'm really not.

Projects she works on (marketing, editing character teasers, beta reading, other fun stuff) She would love it if you checked them out! 

I'm on TwitterInstagram, Personal Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook

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