Hiya! I’m Risa (short for Marrisa) and I reside in the sunny dry deserts of Arizona and though I feel crazy to admit it, I love it here. As a chronically cold girl, the heat treats me right...weird...I know. I live with my sweetheart of almost 9 years and our two beautiful dogs, Shawn and Gus (named from Psych-one of my many fandoms). Dogs are usually better than people...just saying.

I LOVE cheese, and cheap pink wine, also Earl Grey tea. Like most avid readers I am all about a rainy day, a blanket and a good book, but I also love nature and the outdoors. Not in a an active exercise kind of way mind you- like a “let's picnic and observe” kind of way. I love sweet ass rock, and boy bands. Bieber or One Direction?- DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! Total TV junkie. Nail polish fanatic! Peter Pan syndrome. Really lazy. Crafter. Also my hair doesn’t do that sexy wavy messy thing…?

So ever since middle school I was a “back and forth” reader…? I’d be way into it-then not touch a book for months on end. In high school my Mom recommended this vampire book to me and I fought her so hard on not wanting to read it...HA! Once I caved and cracked it open I fell in love. I like so many others had my eyes opened to this amazing light books could hold. That drive to just read “one more page”, to find the next great series that could stir up all these FEELINGS and take you over!! I love all of it. The search for something new, devouring page after page, feeling a sense of ownership and protectiveness over these characters you have grown to love so much. Of course Twilight was just the beginning and I always find something new right around every corner to fangirl freak out over...but that's the way it should be right?

A few of my favorites books/series:
  • The Infernal Devices/ Cassie Clare
  • The Sookie Stackhouse Series/ Charlaine Harris
  • The Beautiful Series/ Christina Lauren
  • and of course The Hunger Games/ Suzanne Collins and Twiligh/ Stephanie Meyer
  • For more check out my Favorites Shelf on Goodreads!

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